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  1. I just heard of this gathering and i am going to try to have my agency assist me in expenses to attend. i would love to speak on behalf of sex workers and as a social worker with extensive experience and knowledge working with commercial sex workers in all sectors. please feel free to read some articles that i’ve had published and visit my websites:

    in solidarity,
    vanessa a. forro

  2. Hello,
    I am the founder of Sex Workers Outreach Project USA. I am wondering about your conference and if you need sex workers to present. Please email me if you are interested in someone from our group speaking.
    Thank you
    Robyn Few

  3. hello,

    i am interested in attending the gathering this year and am up in portland + travelin a bit and would be happy to flyer here in town -i.e. food not bombs, food ‘co-op’s, organic coffee shops, etc. -wherever u want-

    let me know how i can help -spread the resonance

    p.s.the website is my friends and my closest website association to date..

  4. hey whats the confirmed list of workshops?

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